David Miles | Paintings and Watercolour

Expressions using the Human Figure and Watercolour paintings of the Outer Hebrides, sometimes called the Western Isles.

Painting as an affirmation of life.

My paintings made with a deep respect for the art of painting, painters and the act of painting.

My intention is not to imitate the visible world but to reflect ideas and above all feelings within it.

“With the most primitive of means (charcoal, hog bristles, modelling sticks, catgut, and steel strings) the artist creates something which the most ingenious and efficient technology will never be able to create.” Vladimir Malevich. (1878-1935)

David Miles

Paintings Gallery.

Scarista Studio | Outer Hebrides

Contact Information

  • Scarista Studio,
  • Isle of Harris,
  • Outer Hebrides, HS3 3HX.
  • Scotland. U.K.
  • Fon: ++44(0)1859 550 224
  • E-Mail: milesart99@hotmail.com

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