David Miles | Paintings and Watercolour

Expressions using the Human Figure and Watercolour paintings of the Outer Hebrides, sometimes called the Western Isles.

My Island Watercolours.

I find watercolour the ideal medium for painting out of doors in the Hebrides.

The constant movement of the sea and sky and the ever changing light over the landmass I find can best be expressed through the moving use of watercolour.

I have used watercolour in the Hebrides for many years and every painting is different even when of the same scene.

Working directly in watercolour out in the open keeps me in touch directly with the pure natural forces of these Islands. It is ever a challenge.

David Miles

Watercolour Gallery.

Scarista Studio | Outer Hebrides

Contact Information

  • Scarista Studio,
  • Isle of Harris,
  • Outer Hebrides, HS3 3HX.
  • Scotland. U.K.
  • Fon: ++44(0)1859 550 224
  • E-Mail: milesart99@hotmail.com

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